Vinyl Coated Fencing In Rochester


With West Coast Fence Pros, you can completely rely on us  to design and install top quality vinyl fencing in Rochester, NY. The vinyl fences we install are of premium quality and require low maintenance. We are here to serve your residential and commercial fencing needs.


Our specialist can discuss in detail about your requirements and suggest the best option for your fencing requirements. We even provide the solutions with the blend of materials for varied needs as per the area.  The fence custom made for you will be made of top quality metal and will be coated with vinyl made of synthetic resin or plastic. This will protect your metal fencing from rust, scratches and other wear and tear. It is comparatively easy to maintain.


Not only the design but the color of your choice that will complement your property. You do get the option of combining various colors in  your fence. For that specialized service and expertise in vinyl coated fencing, call our expert to discuss your project in detail.


 Historic Style Of Your Home Or Business With Vinyl Coated Fence


Ensuring security with sturdy metal fencing, providing a custom design to enhance that historic style of property is what West Coast Fence Pros specialize in. A mix of modern technology, top quality material, aesthetic design and color choice to match your personality is what a vinyl coated fence can do wonders with. 


Maintaining and gelling with your style in affordable prices, quick and courteous service is what we look forward to fulfilling your vinyl fencing requirements. Keeping the intruders away and providing security to your pets and kids while securing the historic look of your property is what we strive for. Call our experts today to bring your vision to life.


 Why Choose Us


West Coast Fence Pros is a family owned and operated business. Our commitment and proven craftsmanship makes us the leaders in the fencing business. With our unique ideas, professional behaviour, customer first approach, we have not only sustained ourselves in the business but have earned a status of being dependable.  Our reliable, dedicated staff members do not hesitate to go an extra mile to fulfil the customers’ needs. We believe in delivering beyond expectations. Call us today for all your fencing needs and we assure you to deliver unique custom design fences and gates for each of our customers.




How long does a vinyl coated fence last?


As the coating is done on metal, there is a high probability of getting the rust if the vinyl coating gets scuffed or damaged. Maintaining it regularly by keeping it clean of dust and debris and by removing the rust, the vinyl coated fence can last for 15 to 20 years.


How much does vinyl coated chain link fence cost?


Better quality comes with higher cost. The cost of vinyl coated chain link fence may vary depending on the material and the labor. Fences in urban areas cost more as compared to rural areas. Getting the fence installed at the slower time of the year may cost you a little cheaper..



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