Fence Repair Rochester

Fence repair in Rochester is available at your trusted fencing expert, West Coast Fence Pro. If your fence requires change or just even repair, We are your go to. At competitive prices we give the best quality of job. 

Before actually repairing following pointers should be looked out for in a fence-

  • If you have wood or PVC fencing, look for visual cues as to parts requiring repairs.
  • Any of the animals might be chewing your fence, especially wood ones, small ones are not to be bothered  with but the big ones requiring attention must be fixed in time.
  •  Sun’s UV rays can damage PVC fencing over time. The whole fence needs to be checked for weak spots or cracks
  • Fencing might wear out due to exposure.
  • After the long exposure to weather elements the fencing posts might start to lean.
  • The posts should also be looked for any rooting etc.

Any and every type of repairing service for fences is available to you due to West Coast Fence Pro in Rochester NY.

Rochester’s Trusted Expert for Fence Repair

Our more than 13 years of industry experience makes us Rochester’s trusted expert for fence repair. We have InterNACHI certified amazing professionals who know how to do a job well and are well versed in day to day problems faced with the fences. They can help you make the right decisions and complete your job upto your satisfaction. 


Why Choose us?

West Coast Fence Pros should be chosen because- 

  • Good quality is guaranteed with West Coast Fence Pros due to the thoroughly professional contractors with necessary certifications required for the job such as InterNACHI. 
  • Avoidance of legal issues is also a given when you use the services of experienced fencers like West Coast Fence Pros, as they are aware of all the laws and regulations governing the area.
  • Avoidance of any future issues regarding the property lines are resolved before  the fencing is done by employing surveyors to properly mark the property lines.
  • Setting up a fence is a costly affair, considering the tools that are used to erect the fence. Procuring them for a single job, makes no sense and will only increase the cost.
  • The right fence is very important. West Coast Fence Pros suggest all the available options and then recommend the one that suits your needs. 
  • With the help of a good fencing job by the West Coast Fence Pros, there is minimal chance of repairs and frequent replacements. This in turn increases the value of the property.
  • We boast of more than 13 years of experience in the fencing area, with more than 250 jobs completed to the client’s satisfaction. 


How much does it cost to fix a fence?

In the Rochester area, it can cost you anywhere from 3800$ on the lower side to 6500$ on the higher side for a quality fence building. West Coast Fence Pros can help you in doing just that at competitive rates in the Rochester area.


Should I repair or replace my fence?

Depending on the time, money and material and effort required for repairing this decision can be made. A rule of thumb generally employed is that if more than 20% of the fence needs to be repaired or replaced during repair then it is considered better to replace the whole fence rather than repairing it.



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