Iron Fencing in Rochester

A sturdy iron fence can provide complete security and privacy to your home while enhancing the curb appeal of your property. We, at West Coast Fence Pro custom design and install ornamental iron fences and gates for residential and commercial properties in Rochester. We are one of the leading fencing companies in Rochester.  


When it comes to matching your aesthetics and lifestyle to custom design the fencing, our team of professionals will not leave any stone unturned to exceed your expectations. Professionalism, artistic craftsmanship and years of experience is what we bring along to bring your vision to reality.


West Coast Fence Pros is a family owned and operated fencing company. We specialize in custom building all kinds of fencing and window guards for your property. Our courteous and polite staff will take your requirements to understand your needs and we guarantee you that the end product will be exactly what you would have envisioned.


Our reliable service, artistic craftsmanship, and eye for detailing has made us the first choice of our customer in Rochester. For all your fencing needs, call us today for a reliable and affordable service. We provide free design consultation with a confidence that our team members will discuss the project and goals in detail that will make you confident of our expertise.


Historic Style Of Your Home Or Business With Iron Fence


To give that historic look, there is nothing like Iron fence for your home or business property. The iron fence is sturdy and provides strong security to your property. To add to the charm to your property, our custom designs provide classic, antique looks that are full of character. 


West Coast Fence Pros specialize in creating the state of the art iron fences and gates, window shields for your homes and businesses. Our handcrafted designs with the blend of metals add character to your fencing and metal gates along with beauty. High standards of workmanship in designing metal provide us an edge over others. For any questions related to your fencing requirements, feel free to call us or leave your details and we will get back to you at the earliest. 


 Why Choose Us


West Coast Fence Pros is a family owned and operated business. Our commitment and proven craftsmanship makes us the leaders in the fencing business. With our unique ideas, professional behaviour, customer first approach, we have not only sustained ourselves in the business but have earned a status of being dependable.  Our reliable, dedicated staff members do not hesitate to go an extra mile to fulfil the customers’ needs. We believe in delivering beyond expectations. Call us today for all your fencing needs and we assure you to deliver unique custom design fences and gates for each of our customer.




Is a wrought iron fence more expensive than wood?


When you compare the cost of wood and iron, of course wood is cheaper. Thus the fence made of iron will cost you more comparatively. Having said that, the iron fencing, gates and other structures are much stronger and have a longer life. The life of a wooden fence is almost half of the life of an iron fence. When compared over the time, eventually, the iron fences cover up the cost and if maintained properly may save cost as well.


How long do iron fences last?


Iron fences require less maintenance as compared to any other material. If maintained well to save it from rust, it can last life long.


Is aluminium fencing cheaper than iron?


Iron and aluminium, both are sturdy materials used for fencing, gates and other structures. Aluminium gives a wider option of design. The hollow tubular aluminium fences and the solid aluminium fences are much cheaper than the iron fences but require more maintenance and have a comparatively shorter life than iron fencing.



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