Field Fencing in Rochester


Safety and security comes first when it comes to your residence, commercial property, or farms. West Coast Fence Pro is the answer to all your field fencing requirements for both residential and commercial needs.


We use high quality fencing material to meet your requirements. Whether you need security fences, barbed wire fences, construction fences, backstop fences, etc. contact us right now. Our durable and affordable fences will not let any of the unwanted intruders into your property. 


As per your requirement, we provide sturdy field fences with various weaving kinds such as fixed knot fences and a hinge joint fence to name a few. Our field fences are corrosion resistant and have high strength that can withstand violent impacts. Our field fences are available with different height options for all your needs. Call us for reliable and trustworthy field fence needs and installations.


 Historic Style For Your Home Or Business With Field Fence


At West Coast Fence Pros, our field fence can be custom designed to keep the historic style of your property. Of course, the security and safety from unwanted intruders will not be compromised for design. 


Keeping your pets and kids inside and intruders outside, our reliable historic style fences can add character to your lifestyle and charm to your property. This enhances the curb appeal of the property thus enhancing the value of the property. 


For all your fencing needs for your home or business with a difference, contact our experts today for discussion and we will provide you free quotes. Customer satisfaction is our motto.


 Why Choose Us


West Coast Fence Pros is a family owned and operated business. Our commitment and proven craftsmanship makes us the leaders in the fencing business. With our unique ideas, professional behaviour, customer first approach, we have not only sustained ourselves in the business but have earned a status of being dependable.  Our reliable, dedicated staff members do not hesitate to go an extra mile to fulfil the customers’ needs. We believe in delivering beyond expectations. Call us today for all your fencing needs and we assure you to deliver unique custom design fences and gates for each of our customers.




What is the best field fence?


This completely depends on your requirements and the need. The most commonly used field fences are metal wire fencing. Again, based on the requirement and to match the aesthetic look of your property, you can choose from a variety of metal wire fencing like, woven wire fencing, barbed wire fencing, welded wire fencing, etc. Metal wire fencing is low maintenance and durable.


How far apart should fence posts be for field fences?


The corner post should be set first and the linear fence posts should be spaced between six to eight feet apart.



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