Cedar Fencing in Rochester

Cedar is a type of wood that is used in building outdoor structures because of its resilience and ability to withstand harsh weather. Cedar fencing can survive weathering, rotting, decay, and termite damage. It is a lightweight wood that causes less stress on the posts and framework of the fence, and it is naturally more water repellent than other types of wood. Apart from its durability, it gives an attractive and elegant appeal to your property.


Our fencing company offers high-quality cedar fencing in Rochester for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for a modern fence design, contemporary, or something more traditional we have a solution to fit. We offer a wide range of affordable cedar wood fencing and we never sacrifice quality for quantity. With our fencing craftsmanship, you can rest assured you will receive the best quality fence installation available.


If you are thinking of getting a cedar fence installation for your home or office, give us a call and we will be at your service at the earliest. 


Historic Style for Your Home or Business with Cedar Fence

Using wooden or cedar fencing or railing can never go out of style, it is timeless. It can go with all kinds of property exteriors whether contemporary or modern. Our cedar fence is an excellent option for people who want the quality, durability, and unmatched durability of a premium cedar fence, within the budget. It is the best solution if you want a beautiful private fence in your home backyard or your office premises. We offer high-quality white cedar and western red cedar fence materials, two of the best options available when it comes to wood fence.


 Why Choose us?

Deciding on a company to build a cedar/wooden fence that protects your property premises and also makes it look attractive can be a daunting challenge. But with our great service and fencing solutions, customers can rest assured of the quality of our pressure treated wood and believe us that the end product will be nothing short of satisfying. We handle the entire fencing process from purchasing and fabricating materials to installation and further maintenance to provide unlimited lifetime value. We take 100% responsibility for any issues that are caused by our work on your project. 



How long does the cedar fence last?

The average lifespan of cedar fences ranges from 15-20 years, but the lifespan for most of the cedar fences depends on factors like maintenance, weather elements, and usage. 


How much does a cedar fence cost?

A cedar fence usually costs up to $15 to $30 per linear foot and sometimes more.



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